About Us

The first complete film production house of Marathwada

About Us

Aftab Film , the first complete film production house of Marathwada, is well known for its artistic and historical works on varied topics of historical, social and commercial importance. One of the landmark achievements being a documentary on Aurangabad titled, “MAIN AURANGABAD HOON” which holds the distinction of the-only historical depiction on the once capital of India.

Since its establishment, Aftab Films has been a leader in the Documentary Film industry, celebrating 30 years of legendary documentary movie making in 2017. We have been passionate about film making and the art of cinematography since the establishment and for the past many years have been the pioneers in the production.

Over the past few years Aftab Films has been involved in number of projects and has enthralled art lovers with its work, having worked with a wide range of agencies and foundations in producing numerous documentary films, commercial ads, short movies, interview and various other projects.

The direction and composition of a Documentary makes all the difference to the successful communication of its contents. Aftab Films is a professional company that provides end-to-end solutions for documentary and art projects at all stages of the concept in a timely and innovative manner.

Aggression towards completion and commitment towards work is our dictum. We believe in creative punctuality and have been able to live up to the expectations and will continue towards the growth of Art in our societies.

We invite you to explore our work and prove to yourself about the innovative and creative ideas that we offer in different areas and services.


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